We met doing what we love best: traveling the world. We’ve both been traveling full-time for almost 3 years now. In order to sustain this lifestyle, we found work that we could do remotely. Freelance work became our main stream of income. We loved it. We woke up every day, went for a swim, had coffee and breakfast, and settled into a couple hours of work before running off to explore the city or do a hike.

Our lives revolved around the thing that mattered most: living, exploring and connecting.

The only sad thing was most of our friends we traveled with eventually couldn’t keep traveling with us. The reality they faced was having to go back to a location-dependent job to save money in order to come back to traveling (we’d been there ourselves and knew the struggle intimately). A sudden spark of idea led us to the concept for this course:

Could we teach others practical skills to support the mobile lifestyle we ourselves loved?

Why did the coding school we’d run successfully in London have to stop because we wanted to explore the world?

Here the hungrydev coding course was born.

We want to teach you to code so you can become (or remain) location independant. The skills that can bump up your income bracket, look good on your resume, enable you to control your creative process, and if you so desire, keep you from having to go home just to make money.

The team

Brittnee Bond

Brittnee studied law in college and worked as an intellectual property paralegal in the US for six years. Since moving away from the US, she has been working with co-living and co-working spaces, organising and running retreats, setting up marketing campaigns and leading community outreach.

Oz Huner

Oz has been a software developer for the past six years, working mostly with startups from London. He got his Computer Science degree from The University of North Wales where he completed his dissertation on distributed AI systems. He previously ran a coding school in London, where he taught students the fundamentals of programming (in Ruby).